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The BBQ trend of 2023: the konro grill. Also known as shichirin or yakitori grill. We carry a complete range of original Japanese grills and variants from China. In addition to grills, we also supply konro accessories and binchotan charcoal in bulk. Please contact us if you would like to cooperate with us.

Japanese Konro Grills

These original Diatomite Konro Grills come directly from Japan. Made according to centuries-old manufacturing processes. If you choose "Made in Japan" then you have the very best quality on your table.


  • Original Japanese Diatomite Konro Grill.
  • Handmade in Japan.
  • Limited edition!
  • 9 different models.
  • Suitable for the professional and home use.

Chinese Konro Grills

In addition to the original Japanese diatomite Konro Grills from Japan, we also supply a dozen models of Chinese konro grills. These konros are suitable for home use only.


  • Chinese manufacture.
  • 10 different models.
  • Ceramic and aluminum models.
  • Various sizes.
  • Suitable for home use.

Binchotan charcoal

The only suitable charcoal for your Konro Grill or shichirin grill is binchotan charcoal. The origin of our Binchotan charcoal is Japan, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia.


  • Binchotan burns extremely long.
  • Little ash / little flare up
  • Original Japanese binchotan.
  • Alternatives from Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam.
  • To be ordered by 15 boxes or pallet.